Insurance Disputes / Litigation

Often times, your own insurance company may refuse to provide insurance coverage for a particular incident. You must keep in mind that “you are not in good hands” with any insurance company. The claim adjusters are trained to first look into reasons to support denying your legitimate claims. That is their first order of business and that is their priority. It is in your best interest to contact a lawyer who knows how the system works immediately so that your interests may be fully protected. These coverage disputes often lead to Declaratory Judgment Actions also known as a DJ Action. Basically, a plaintiff in a DJ action is asking the court to decide, and declare, the parties’ respective rights and obligations. 

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers working for them. You need an attorney who know how the system works and who can vigorously fight for you. Call us for a Consultation. Be sure to have a copy of your insurance policy handy when you call.

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